Get Rid of the Junk Drawer for Good

IHS Building Corporation Kitchen remodeling services in Lakeland, FL to help you stay organized

Did you know that the kitchen is usually the first room potential homebuyers look at when they’re considering a purchase? Whether you’re selling your home soon or you’re just sick of the way your kitchen looks, IHS Building Corporation can help you create an expanded and beautiful space.

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No stone left unturned

No stone left unturned

It’s the details that make your kitchen unique and beautiful. The pros at IHS Building Corporation will handle your total kitchen architectural changes and can install your gorgeous new:

  • Countertops—choose from high-quality granite, corian, quartz, zodiac or marble.
  • Drawers—install self-closing, structurally sound dovetail drawers.
  • Cabinets—choose from a variety of beautiful wood cabinet options.
  • Lighting—speak with a remodeling contractor about LED lighting and under-cabinet options.
  • Storage—install a kitchen island, built-in microwave cabinet or specialty utensil drawer.
  • Flooring—installing all types of flooring 

Get started turning your kitchen into a space that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Dial 863-899-8039 right now to schedule a meeting in the Lakeland, Florida area with IHS Building Corporation.