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Your house can’t really feel like a home if there are parts of it that aren’t accessible to you. IHS Building Corporation offers custom home modifications to make your home as easy to navigate and access as possible.

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 Our home modification contractors make your life easier

Our home modification contractors make your life easier

The home modification contractors at IHS Building Corporation offer all types of accessibility services in the Lakeland, Florida area. We can:

  • Install a wheelchair ramp to help you or a family member enter the house with ease.
  • Make your showers wheelchair-accessible.
  • Lower your light switches when they’re too high to reach comfortably.
  • Add railings and grab rails to make your staircases safer.
  • Modify your doorways to accommodate wheelchairs.

Improve the accessibly of your home in Lakeland, FL. Contact IHS Building Corporation today to learn more about our home modification and accessibility services.