Brighten Up Your Bathrooms with help from IHS Building Corporation

Hire a bathroom remodeling contractor in Lakeland, FL

Transform your bathrooms from outdated spaces into spa-like oases. IHS Building Corporation provides expert remodeling services for homeowners all over Lakeland, Florida. Bring your ideas to our team of experts and watch them come to life in your home.

Reach out to us today to get started making your bathrooms look straight out of the pages of a home décor magazine.

Trust our crew with the entire process

Trust our crew with the entire process

The talented remodeling contractors at IHS Building Corporation can handle every aspect of your bathroom remodel. We’ll draw your plans in a 3-D program, then install your:

  • Stone or corian countertops
  • Vinyl tile flooring
  • Comfort-height and dual-flush toilets
  • Modern sinks
  • Walk-in showers
  • Showerheads and body sprayers
  • Brand-new cabinetry
  • LED lighting
  • Bathtubs

Plus, we’ll paint your walls, install plumbing fixtures and wire your specialty lighting. We’ll make sure your home stays nice and clean during the entire process by covering any exposed areas in plastic. Call 863-899-8039 right now to learn more about IHS Building Corporation.